Building Site (2014)
An installation consisting of a charcoal drawing, plaster cast hands, and construction site tape. This work is the manifestation of the accumulated feelings of confusion that a teenager experiences about her identity. The maze in the charcoal drawing takes the shape of her thumbprint, and the plaster cast hands are from her family. The process of getting lost and finding oneself is one that took up a lot of Jing's teenage years, and this building site is the visual representation of her inner thoughts at 16.
Afloat (2016)
This painting was motivated by a huge force that threatened the existence of an unnecessarily troubled adolescent — a force that is so great it is suffocating, yet so elusive that it was probably just in Jing's head. She was intrigued by it, but also terrified. She attempted to capture that terrific sublime through visual documentations of that feeling. She explored with the theme of chaos vs order, with the motif of waves, with textures and figures. In the end she came to reconcile with that terrific sublime, and floats on the surface of calm waters.
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